Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Heartland Season 1 Episode 6 and 7

Episode 06. One Trick Pony

Lou's boyfriend Carl from the city turns up out of nowhere and informs Lou that he has just received a job in Chicago. Carl is covertly trying to get Lou to come to Chicago with him.

Meanwhile, Amy is puzzled by why a new horse at Heartland called Pirate, who won't obey commands.

Will Lou go to Chicago and will Amy find the answers to Pirate's problems?

Episode 07. Come What May

Heartland takes in a pregnant mare named Melody. Mallory gives Ty riding lessons. Ben competes in a horse show and refuses to talk to Lisa.

Meanwhile, Jack and Ty go on a cattle round up and Tim is the trail boss. Ty finds out that Tim is Lou and Amy's father, and he is mad that Jack never told him about it.

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