Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heartland Season 1 Episode 4 and 5

Episode 04. Taking Chances

While Amy and Lou empty their mother's room, they find a letter dated seven years before from Tim saying he wants to get back together with Marion. A new guy named Ben is sent by his aunt to Heartland and nobody likes him, especially Ty.

Amy gets knocked off her horse while taking Ben's horse across the river and Tim tries to save her which is seen by Jack. Lou and Jack take Amy to the hospital and it is unknown if Jack and Tim reconcile.

Ty is offered a job at Briar Ridge, the ranch that the snobby girl Ashley's mother owns even after Amy accidentally tells Ashley that Ty is on probation and when Amy hears that Ty might take the Briar Ridge job, she snaps at him. Ty decides to take the job at Briar ridge, and Amy doesn't want to talk to him.

Episode 05. The Best Laid Plans

Lou drives friends and family to distraction as she arranges to have a video made to promote Heartland. Amy sees Ty at a party, and they talk.

Ty says that he wasn't going to leave Heartland until Amy said she wanted him gone. At the end of the episode, Ty comes back to Heartland, as Amy says she wants him there.

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