Monday, March 23, 2009

A Disgusting Display of Arrogance on Fox News

Ignorance, insensitivity and greed, this is the "Faux" News Creed. This is how the US is making enemies around the world. After 116 Canadian military personnel have given their lives in Afghanistan, fox news insults the Canadian military. These are the people who keep Americans up to date and misinformed.

These comments came at an inappropriate time. 4 soldiers died the day before this aired. There isn't an excuse for this. Shame that our soldiers have laid down their lives for Assholes such as these to brag about "the greatest country in the universe". They certainly have an inferiority complex. As Canadians we should boycott the corrupt, racist, and hate-mongering fox network every way we can.

And it's also about time that we force our government to bring our troops home as they are not serving any purpose other than to die for an American war and to protect karzai, the "mayor of kabul". Canada can't afford to lose anymore of it's brave soldiers. Let the Americans fight all by themselves; they don't need people in "red jackets who ride horses" anyway...

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Western Welcome for 'Dubya' in Calgary

March 17; protestors welcome bush with shoes and shame, and a bunch of losers line up to see him speak.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Green Light Cameras in Calgary

So the city of Calgary has found another way to make more money in this recession. Since they have already hiked property taxes this year and they know that people may rebel against another proposed tax increase, Bronco and his minions have a solution, siphon more money off Calgary's drivers...

The city is going to use cameras installed at 44 intersections in Calgary to fine drivers caught speeding. So you'll get ticketed not just for riding a red light at those signals, you will also get a ticket mailed to you if you cross them over the speed limit. Until April 1st 2009, you will only get a warning; after that, a minimum fine of $250 will be applied.

Here's the list of intersections where the cameras have gone into effect;

1) Macleod Trail & 162 Ave SE
2) Macleod Trail & 12 Ave SE
3) Centre St & 20 Ave N
4) John Laurie Blvd & 53 St NW
5) 68 ST & 16 Ave NE
6) Sarcee Tr & Richmond Rd SW
7) 4 St & 6 Ave SW
8) 61 Ave & Barlow Tr SE
9) Crowchild Tr & 24 Ave NW
10) 11 Ave & 4 St SW
11) 11 Ave & 14 St SW
12) 17 Ave & 44 St SE
13) 14 St & Heritage Dr SW
14) 14 St & Northmount Dr NW
15) 64 Ave & 4 St NE
16) Anderson Rd & Acadia Dr SE
17) 9 Ave & 11 St SW
18) Barlow Tr & 32 Ave NE
19) 52 St & 32 Ave NE
20) Bowness Rd & Shaganappi Trail NW
21) Canyon Meadows Dr & Bowbottom Tr SE
22) Southland Dr & Acadia Dr SE
23) Fairmount Dr & Southland Dr SE
24) Elbow Dr & Southland Dr SW
25) Beddington Tr & Centre St N
26) Falconridge Blvd & 64 Av NE
27) 1 St & 17 Ave SE
28) McKnight Blvd & Barlow Tr NE
29) Barlow Tr & Centre Av E
30) Shaganappi Tr & Northland Dr NW
31) Blackfoot Tr & 42 Ave SE
32) Memorial Dr & 52 St NE
33) 16 Ave & 10 St NW
34) Edmonton Tr & McKnight Blvd NE
35) Memorial Dr & 28 St NE
36) Macleod Tr & 7 Ave SE
37) Bow Tr & 33 St SW
38) 17 Ave & 33 St SW
39) Elbow Dr & Heritage Dr SW
40) Country Hills Blvd & Beddington Tr NW
41) Glenmore Tr & Barlow Tr SE
42) McKnight Blvd & Falconridge Blvd NE
43) Macleod Tr & 25 Av SE
44) Country Hills Blvd & 14 St NW

Monday, March 2, 2009

NHL in Calgary: Tampa Bay Lightning vs Calgary Flames

An exciting game of hockey ensued at the saddledome last night. The game had pretty much everything, a high score, a brawl, lots of close calls, and in the end an anti-climactic end. Enjoy the highlights.