Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bad Drivers of Calgary

Here are some videos of really retarded drivers we have here in Calgary...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Calgary's Asian Invasion

If there weren't enough malls in and around Calgary, the chinese businessmen have bought land right beside Cross Iron Mills - the giant mall just outside the city - to build their own asian mega mall and add to the already congested Highway 2 north of the city.

As if Calgary wasn't crowded with enough, it seems that some foreign transplants are hell-bent on turning the open spaces of Alberta into another Hong Kong.

Other than the charter buses to the mall for the employees, there is no public transit to the existing mall, and another mega mall is going to add to the frustration of the drivers who commute to and from Airdrie, by increasing traffic on that stretch of the highway.

 Isn't this yet another example of poor helterskelter development in Alberta? 

When they built Cross Iron Mills, the biggest concerns were over the availability of water and traffic gridlock on Highway #2/Deerfoot Trail. The existing CIM mall has already created a bit of a bottleneck on this express route that brings goods and products to the US through Montana.  Another mall will only worsen that situation.

If the chinese developers really want to go forward with this project, they'd best provide the transportation themselves for their employees and customers and not look to taxpayers to subsidize businesses that do not pay taxes to Calgary.

No doubt there are going to be a lot of 'pro-mall' people who will come out of the wood-works to advocate how this mall may create new jobs for young people, without realizing that the roads will be overflowing with automobiles. And if you have a difficult time understanding that, then I suggest you visit and try driving around Pacific Place mall in the Northeast.

But who can fight the developer mafia these days, when they are throwing millions of dollars at municipalities to buy every open space left around Calgary. The current urban sprawl has already downgraded the quality of life and lots of open spaces and clean air we once had in this city. We do not want another Toronto or Vancouver.

How to Get a Job with the City of Calgary

The video here shares some useful information on the process the city of Calgary uses to hire new people.

The STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) interview method is a common interview practice in most Canadian organizations.

This video will help you to understand how the process works and how to be better prepared for interview.

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