Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Heartland Season 1 Episode 6 and 7

Episode 06. One Trick Pony

Lou's boyfriend Carl from the city turns up out of nowhere and informs Lou that he has just received a job in Chicago. Carl is covertly trying to get Lou to come to Chicago with him.

Meanwhile, Amy is puzzled by why a new horse at Heartland called Pirate, who won't obey commands.

Will Lou go to Chicago and will Amy find the answers to Pirate's problems?

Episode 07. Come What May

Heartland takes in a pregnant mare named Melody. Mallory gives Ty riding lessons. Ben competes in a horse show and refuses to talk to Lisa.

Meanwhile, Jack and Ty go on a cattle round up and Tim is the trail boss. Ty finds out that Tim is Lou and Amy's father, and he is mad that Jack never told him about it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heartland Season 1 Episode 4 and 5

Episode 04. Taking Chances

While Amy and Lou empty their mother's room, they find a letter dated seven years before from Tim saying he wants to get back together with Marion. A new guy named Ben is sent by his aunt to Heartland and nobody likes him, especially Ty.

Amy gets knocked off her horse while taking Ben's horse across the river and Tim tries to save her which is seen by Jack. Lou and Jack take Amy to the hospital and it is unknown if Jack and Tim reconcile.

Ty is offered a job at Briar Ridge, the ranch that the snobby girl Ashley's mother owns even after Amy accidentally tells Ashley that Ty is on probation and when Amy hears that Ty might take the Briar Ridge job, she snaps at him. Ty decides to take the job at Briar ridge, and Amy doesn't want to talk to him.

Episode 05. The Best Laid Plans

Lou drives friends and family to distraction as she arranges to have a video made to promote Heartland. Amy sees Ty at a party, and they talk.

Ty says that he wasn't going to leave Heartland until Amy said she wanted him gone. At the end of the episode, Ty comes back to Heartland, as Amy says she wants him there.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Heartland Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 03. Breaking Free

Heartland has its first "Open House" and Lou invites their dad and he accepts the invitation. Amy works with Lisa's horse Promise and Val accuses Amy of giving Promise drugs to make him calm for the "Open House" and after Amy proves Val wrong Val has to eat her words.

Jack kicks Tim off of the property. Meanwhile, Pegasus is depressed because of Marion's death. After Lou and Amy put their mother's jacket beside Pegasus' stall, he gets better.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Watch Heartland Season 1


02. After the Storm

Lou sends home Mrs. Roach's horse, despite the fact that his fear of vehicles has yet to be cured. Val Stanton begins spreading rumors about Heartland and their skills without Marion. Ty's probation officer comes to the ranch while he is off showing Amy the jumping course he made for her.

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Heartland is a Canadian television drama series which debuted on CBC Television on October 14, 2007. The series is based on the Heartland books by Lauren Brooke.

Heartland was filmed near Calgary, set against the backdrop of the Alberta Rocky Mountains. Heartland is a family drama following sisters Amy and Lou Fleming and their grandfather Jack Bartlett through the highs and lows of life on a horse ranch.


01. Coming Home

Amy discovers that a horse named Spartan is being abused at Mallen's farm and convices her mother Marion to rescue the horse. A storm on the way home sends their truck and trailer off the road. When Amy wakes up, she's in a hospital and discovers that her mother died in the accident.

Amy's sister Lou comes home from New York to help the situation. Refusing to put Spartan down, Grandpa Jack brings the horse back to Heartland.

A boy named Ty who was hired by Marion before she died comes to work at Heartland, because he is on probation. At first Amy doesn't get along with Ty, but Mallory has a crush on him.

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