Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Cost of Uncontrolled Migration

Another day, another shooting, and more deaths in Calgary. The crime situation in this city keeps getting worse. Even with more police officers being recruited by the CPS, Calgarians are not getting any respite from the gang violence and drug activity in their neighbourhoods. The gun violence typical of Toronto is rearing it's ugly head in this otherwise safe city.

Speaking of Toronto, I had the chance to visit the city last week, and it really feels like you are in a third-world waterhole. Hog-Town truly has become a city of pigs; and now, all the swines (gang members) from that city are heading to Calgary because of the economic boom here. All the black and asian gangs have extended their franchise and plying their dirty trade here.

As for the restaurant where the shooting happened, it was a chinese establishment in a neighborhood which is mostly ethnic (chinese, filipino and black); and it's a well known fact that the drug trade in Canada has a predominantly asian flavour to it. The politically correct blockheads may ramble on about how you can't pin the blame on certain groups, or that any one neighbourhood can't be singled out, but the fact is that Marlborough is a hotbed of illegal activities and there needs to be more police presence there ALL the time.

Do we really want turf wars and drive-by shootings in this city? Some concerned citizens organized an anti-violence walk recently and sent a clear signal to the folks in city hall that they will not tolerate the city turning into a wild west for drug dealers and pimps, but the decrepit politicians have the same old vapid answer that we need to hire more police officers. I'm not going to pay for any more officers with my tax dollars, because we have enough of them. They just need to do their job instead of fulfilling a quota of handing out traffic tickets.

Let's just hope that the politicians come to their senses and all three levels of government do their part to crack down hard on these thugs before the people take matters into their own hands.

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