Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Black Spot on Cecil

So there was another murder at the infamous Cecil Hotel in downtown Calgary on Sunday. According to the Calgary Sun;

"Cops were called to the notorious watering hole about 1 a.m. where they found a man dead from undisclosed injuries."

Also, according to a police source, "That seems to be the place where you'd have deals with money or drugs."

Is that right Mr.Policeman?

I have never understood why there aren't more officers in the vicinity of the hotel and the adjoining pub. This place is KNOWN to be one of the drug dealing hot spots, and more homicides have occurred near Cecil than any other area. Most people have no idea as to how bad this place is. Just read this tongue-in-cheek review of the place;

"The Cecil is by far the best place in town if you like the smell of stale booze and piss! It is great when you are greeted at the door by a wasted, toothless, homeless Ukrainian. If you show up more than once he will remember your name and greet you with a hug or a $h!t covered hand shake! Be sure to order up a short rye and coke and grab a front row seat for the blues band on stage that has that "who the Fu@K booked us here?" look in their eye! Be sure to wave goodbye to the blood covered crack whore on your way out as she is getting the sh!t kicked out of her by a drunk pimp demanding his 20 bucks so that he can fill his crack pipe. I have heard they are under new management and are offering room discounts to those who are willing to stay for more than 20 minutes"

I would guess the ONLY folks who stay at Cecil are people who are looking to pick up prostitutes or are hopelessly addicted to drugs and cheap booze. You can be guaranteed that your life expectancy will be very short if you are anywhere near that place. In short, this is not the venue to entertain your date.

There are some who think that the hotel should be bought by the city (paid by tax payer dollars) and be restored as a historical building, as it was built in 1910. I personally believe that it should be torn down. Calgarians deserve to enjoy a pleasant weekend walk in the downtown area and the city would be better off without this ugly structure in it's core.

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