Monday, February 7, 2011

Chemtrails in Calgary

First the fluoridation of Calgary's tap water...and now chemtrails. These globalists sure aren't wasting any time carrying out their plans...


  1. calgary is the worst kind of fakeéshady town

    they test all kinds of things on us here..

    i bet the àirport tunnel`is going to be just like denvers àirport tunnel`` lol!!!

    god help us, we`re doomed

    1. I found your blog post while doing some research on Chemtrails. As I was watching TV this evening I saw the most bizzare strip of white cloud like substance that I suspected was Chemtrails. I know by the date you posted this on May 2011, so I doubt you'll read this, but I was happily surprised to actually find someone who know's what going on in this province much less the world. If you should happen to read this I'd love to touch base with you to find out more about what you know with regard to the Chemtrails here in Calgary.