Friday, August 27, 2010

The HIV Terrorists of Canada

Presently, there is a lot of chatter surrounding the recent arrests of three suspects who allegedly tried to orchestrate terror attacks in Ottawa. But there is another story which was relegated to the back pages of all newspapers, but is equally disturbing; and that is the HIV assault by Apay Ogouk, a 26 year old man from Sudan, on women.

Ogouk was arrested today by the Calgary Police when he turned himself in. There had been a nationwide warrant for his arrest for knowingly infecting multiple women in Winnipeg with HIV. So far, only two women have come forward, but there is a high probability of more women being infected.

Often times, the public gets riled up when they hear about conventional terror plots, but seldom do people comprehend the severity of HIV infections spread by reckless people with a degenerate lifestyle.

This man, who is originally from Sudan, went on a sexual rampage, having unprotected sex with women, without any regard for their health or well-being.

But let's also be just in our assessment here; it's the women who AGREED to having unprotected sex with this person. With a VERY high incidence of HIV/AIDS in Africa, I find it astonishing that ANYONE would take such a ridiculous risk with someone who is originally from there.

I'm not suggesting that these women deserve what they got, but I can only hope that this incident will serve as a warning to other women who think about going that route.

Those who know me, are aware that I don't mince my words and I say what's on my mind even if it's not politically correct. So if what you read what follows offends you...then good. I also hope it makes you think!

We're all aware that Africa has a shockingly high rate of HIV which is constantly rising. Anyone from that continent, specially countries like Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa, and Ethiopia etc. is of severe risk.

Let's look at the facts: Sudan alone, has over 400,000 HIV infected people which is more than 2 percent of their adult population. It is also a well known fact that black men have a proportionately higher rates of HIV. According to the Centers for Disease Control, African males account for more than HALF of all HIV cases in North America.

According to the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, African Americans "comprise the greatest proportion of HIV/AIDS cases.."

These facts speak for themselves. Some of these dudes may have "big sticks", but their "sticks" carry horrible and lifelong consequences for women.

And this is not the first incident of an African male spreading HIV through sex. There are multiple examples, and TWO of those chaps were from Sudan. And that's just Canada folks. There have also been reports in the U.S and Britain, of African refugees and asylum seekers infecting local women with HIV.

But like I stated earlier, women are equally to blame for their sluttish behavior. Do they really have to be told that it's unsafe to have sex with strangers?? Having a lifetime of sickness and affliction is not worth a few minutes of fun & enjoyment.

Sure you can use a condom; but there's still a significant chance you can still contract HIV and other STDs.

Remember...there is NO CURE for AIDS! You get infected, you could die. So be smart and avoid having sex with people you do not know anything about.

As for Ogouk, prison may not be punishment enough for him. This country needs to get seriously tough on these kinds of criminals and deport them, as well as ensure, that more "terrorists" like him do not end up amongst us.

Surely, there will be many nervous women in Calgary right now, trying to book their HIV tests with their local clinics. Their imbecility should be a lesson for other women to not make the same brainless mistake!

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