Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chris Pirillo's Favourite Places in Calgary

Anybody who has even the slightest interest in the latest gadgets or internet apps and technologies knows about Chris Pirillo and his lockergnome website. He is the uber-geek, the GURU of all things geeky.

A couple of days ago, Chris posted a blog about his Top 10 Places to Visit in Calgary, which include the usual suspects like the Canada Olympic Park, the Stampede, and Banff National Park, (even though technically speaking, it's not within Calgary).

However, I was surprised to see the Calgary Police Youth Centre as one of the places to visit in town. Usually, Calgarians don't really think of the CPS as a touristy area. But I checked it out and it seems like a groovy place for kids and teens and give them insight on what a policeman's (or policewoman's) work entails.

Sometimes we take resources like these in our city for granted. But hey...this city is so big, (and growing fast), you learn something new about it everyday.

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