Monday, June 22, 2009

Lunatic Rafters on the Bow

Summer in Calgary can get hot no doubt, and for folks who want a way to "chill" and "cool-off", the Elbow River is a great place to do just that. People go there to relax by the riverfront, swim and river-rafting. Most people abide by the "play rules" and behave well. But there are many idiots who flout the rules.

Evidence: Last weekend, by-law officers had to issue close to 800 warnings (no tickets though) to revelers for stupidities like drinking, not wearing life-jackets, and EVEN urinating in public!

Now, I could care less about the dimwits who think they are invincible and can swim to shore if they fall into the COLD river, even when they are drunk! But the laws are plain and simple - put your life jacket on.

It's doesn't hinder your fun. It's in the event where you cannot swim to shore due to fatigue and leg cramps. Try getting one of those and swimming 40 feet to shore! As far as booze goes - there are those who stumble out of the raft and then get into their cars to drive...need I say more?

Let's NOT just give these morons more warnings. Fine the idiots, fine them with an obscene amount and then maybe they'll think twice before getting drunk and throwing beer cans in the river.

We're already being milked by city hall in the form of higher taxes and fees; if one of these nincompoops falls into the river, the taxpayers will have to foot the bill for EMS to come save their ass.

So if you don't want to follow the rules - then be prepared to pay the fines without whining about it and when the unthinkable happens and your luck runs out - be prepared to pay the costs for your rescue and recovery. It should not be my responsibility to pay to find you or care for you when you deliberately do something so incredibly stupid!

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