Monday, April 20, 2009

Canadian Military's Exercise in Calgary

Heavy gunfire was heard in the South-East part of Calgary this morning, but it was not a shootout between the police and a gang members, but a military exercise in urban warfare by the Canadian Forces. The military was simulating a real life battle at a firefighters training area. The media and the military are showcasing this "exercise" as training for newbie soldiers, but when I saw the story, my mind went straight to an article about foreign soldiers patrolling the streets of American cities in the event of a martial law.

Now to some, this may sound nonsensical, and even conspiratorial, but I have been doing a lot of research into this matter and I have found that there is indeed an agreement between the United States Northern Command and the Canadian military that in case of a civil unrest, Canadian troops will provide support to their American counterparts.

If martial law is declared in America -- and all the signs are there for it -- then the questions that beg to be asked are.....Is this exercise being conducted to prepare the Canadian soldiers to quell any unrest south of the border? And what do the Americans need us for when they have a military much powerful than ours? Do they want us to do their dirty work and use Canadian soldiers to fire on American citizens in case their own marines refuse to harm their fellow citizens? Something to ponder upon...

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  1. Gov't etc. Tenacious Treachery
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    lima echo oscar (keeping with the style of the treacherous)