Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What's the problem with the Lebanese barbers...?

I have a beef with the Lebanese barbers in Calgary. Everytime I go for a haircut, I am bound to get a lecture on the realities of life and how society is unfair. It's like I'm there for a sermon on human values. I don't mind chatting with the hairstylists - (and they insist on being called that, even though their shop signs say 'barber') - as they are great people, but I would prefer to talk AFTER I have my hairdo taken care of. They stand there, rousing their scissors in the air with fervor, sometimes too close for comfort.

You don't have to tell me that crime in Calgary has increased, I know that traffic is really bad and I KNOW that there are a lot of racist b@$tards in this city who taunt people of other ethnicities, but if you need to vent, then call the Calgary Distress Centre.

It seems to me that these guys need somebody to listen to them about what's happening "back home" or the war that's screwing up their country, or that their kids want to be more western, but seriously, do you think you're gonna get any sympathy by getting in your customers face and decrying the "injustices of society"? All you're doing is agitating us.

I really like the Lebanese folks, but I think I'll be looking for hairstylists of other nationalities, because after all, I'm paying them to tidy up my hair, not mess with my mind. If anyone of you knows good barbers (who don't suffer from verbal diarrhea), let me know.

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